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Life without paints and colors is dull, right? So to make things fascinating, we need to paint our walls, vehicles, murals, and many other surfaces on and off. Well, the airbrush is the latest and most convenient painting tool that you can use anywhere you want, but using an airbrush with your hands is tiring.

Are you wondering what you should do then? Get your hands into an airbrush compressor; yes, an airbrush is an effective solution!

If you are a professional painter or you love to paint, you should buy an airbrush compressor to make your work smooth, easier, and quick.

Might you think airbrush compressors are expensive? No, it’s not like that! There are numerous high-features airbrush compressors that you can purchase without breaking your budget.

So, are you willing to purchase a budget-friendly airbrush compressor? Hold on; we have covered your back and shortlisted the best five budget airbrush compressors for you.

Our filtered airbrush compressors are dedicated to delivering more effective and powerful performance in less time. You can use our versatile airbrush compressors to spray on textile T-shirts, for illustrators, and spraying cars or food colors; even you can effortlessly use them for body painting.

Fortunately, our chosen airbrush compressors are not only low in price but unbeatable in performance and unmatched in their features.

So, are you ready to undergo them? Perfect!

My Top Pick…

If you are in a hurry, you can crack our most leading airbrush compressor of 2021, Master Airbrush Model TC-40T. This Master Airbrush compressor features a big capacity of the tank that provides more pressure for quick work; additionally, it requires less maintenance, produces less noise, and contains many energy-saving modes.

Investing in this best budget airbrush compressor is a completely safe investment.

So, are you ready to review the airbrush compressor? Let’s begin with why you need an airbrush compressor with an airbrush; this information will assist you a lot.

Why Do I Need A Compressor With Airbrush?

A great airbrush compressor delivers ample airflow that enables you to make detailed art without getting tired. Airbrush compressors ensure smooth and continuous performance; moreover, these air compressors minimize your painting time and help you constantly work for hours without getting tired. Furthermore, air compressors speed up your painting and nailing time.

You can use an air compressor for multiple purposes, car painting, T-shirt painting, and other artworks. If you choose a quality air compressor, it will reduce compressor running time, dissipate the heat properly, and effectively work for all the airbrushing applications.

So, if you have to do any painting, an air compressor with airbrushing can facilitate you a lot.

Before moving ahead, we will explore the types of airbrush compressors!

Types of Airbrush Compressor:

To perform a high-quality painting, you should know the types of airbrush compressors because the right type can save time and energy.

1.) Diaphragm Compressors:

Diaphragm compressors are considered more compatible for beginners who have just started to use the airbrush. In this compressor model, a pulsating membrane compresses the air, and the air pressure reaches a maximum of 40 psi. So the diaphragm airbrush compressors are adequate for those who want to connect a single airbrush; additionally, it is more suitable for spraying smaller surfaces.

Diaphragm compressors come without compressors and, when they are continuously used, produce irritating noise. So, you should avoid using them consistently, overuse can make them heated, and the chances of their damages increase.

2.) Piston Compressors:

Piston compressors consist of one or two pistons that help to compress the air. If you are using two-piston compressors at once, more air will be compressed as compared to a single-piston.

If you are planning to use a compressor along with your airbrush, you should consider a Piston compressor.

Piston compressors are powerful in performance and speedier than diaphragm compressors. There is no difficulty while attaching or detaching airbrushes is super-easy when you are using a piston compressor.

If you want to control the pressure, you can attach a regulator to the compressor, and the air would be controlled before reaching the air hose. Piston air compressors usually consist of a moisture trap that filters particles and fluid when passing from a compressed airline.

Priston compressors are also divided into two subtypes:

1.) Oil-Filled Piston:

These are the quietest compressors that work silently. The oil acts as a lubricant and doesn’t produce noise while the compressor is in use.

If you cannot bear the noise of a compressor and want to work in a calm environment, oil-filled piston compressors are good for you. If you are an illustrator user, oil-filled compressors will keep you concentrated and aligned.

A file filter keeps filtering the oil, and this filtered oil lubricates the compressor. But, the system is wholly organized as the oil neither goes to the airbrush nor mixes with the paint. A relief!

These oil-filled pistons need a bit of maintenance only, and you also need to replace the oil (as the oil of the car) when needed.

2.) Oil-Less Piston:

Oil-less pistons are not as quiet as an oil-filled piston, but if you compare it with the Diaphragm piston, you will find them relatively silent.

The core advantage of these oil-less piston compressors is their lowest maintenance, as you don’t need to check or change the oil of this piston type.

You can use this tiny yet helpful compressor for body art, nail painting, cake decorating, or body art, etc. stay calm. There is also no feat of oil and air mixing.

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So, we have done with the types of compressors: Diaphragm compressor and Piston compressor. So, you can pick any type that suits your needs, experience, and budget.

Best Budget Airbrush Compressor

To provide you with the best features yet budget-friendly airbrush compressor, we have researched and tested hundreds of the compressors and listed only the top five for you.

Explore them, but before that, you can also get a quick comparison of our selected airbrushing compressors by unfolding our comparison table.

1Master Airbrush Model TC-40T● Air Delivery: 23 liters/minutes
● Power: 1/6 Horsepower
● Voltage: 110-120v
Check Price
2Master Airbrush Cool Runner● Air storage tank: 3-liter
● Power: 1/5 hp
● Gravity fluid cup: 1/3 oz.
Check Price
3PointZero 1/5 HP Airbrush Compressor● Power: 1/5 HP
● Sound level: 55 dB
● Power cord: 6"
Check Price
4Master Airbrush 1/5 HP TC-320● Capacity: 25 Liters
● Sound level: 47 dB
● Maximum Power: 0.2 HP
Check Price
5Quiet Compressor for Airbrush● Nozzle Size: 0.7mm
● Power: 1/6 HP
● Warranty: 1-year
Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Master Airbrush Model TC-40T – Super-Performing Compressors

Master Airbrush Model TC-40TThe Master brand makes reliable airbrushes, airbrush accessories, and airbrush compressors of optimum quality. TC-40T is one of the superb airbrush compressors which is installed with the latest features so you can fulfill all your basic needs.

Stay along to explore more features of this best budget air compressor:

Key Features:

Master Airbrush Model TC-40T is a compressor that has a powerful motor, produces ⅙ Horsepower; energy-saving power lifts the painting performance of your airbrushing. The ⅙ HP power increases the flow of paint and dye towards the airbrush and this speedier flow increases productivity.

This compressor works at a high volume, 0.8 CFM; this volume increases the pressure and makes the paint flow properly, so a painter can have a fantastic outcome.

You will be happy to know that Master TC-40T also includes an inbuilt cooling fan that keeps the motor cool, and this cool motor works efficiently and has fewer chances of damage. This overheating protection feature is the biggest favor for the users as it increases the life of the compressor and protects them from many risks.

Unlike other compressors, this TC-40T compressor contains a large 3-liter air tank; this air tank reduces the air pulsation. The reduced air pulsation enhances the compressors working even at higher pressure, while those compressors that are without an air tank get off when the pressure increases.

The water trap filter keeps the compressor’s pipe dry and removes moisture; in this way, the paint remains safe.

The compressor produces low noise and keeps the surroundings calm; hence, working in a silent and quiet environment increases your work efficiency. TC-40T Compressor only increases 47dB noise that doesn’t affect the human ear or performance.

The Master TC-40T comes with advanced features, so you can use this high-performing compressor for your larger projects. The 5-year warranty increases your trust in the product and ensures airbrushing compressors will keep serving you without any glitch.

It is extremely easy to attach or detach the airbrush with the compressor, the time gets safe and you don’t need to take others’ help every time.

You can easily use this impeccable compressor for large projects because its supporting features can handle your every long task competently. Its oil-free function is another delight for the painters because the compressor remains oil-free, and the paint also remains safe from the oil. This oil-free operation also helps to keep the environment clean and protects you from a mess.

This compressor helps you in the precise adjustment of airflow; the clean and dry air flows in the compressor that keeps the compressor and paint’s quality maintained.

This compressor has an automatic setting that makes it get off and on automatically, so when this airbrushing compressor gets off, it can automatically start again with 43 PSI. You just need to be focused on painting; the compressor will keep performing its operations superbly.

A low-cost yet jaw-dropping airbrushing compressor!

  • Environment-friendly
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Uses a single airbrush
  • The best airbrush for beginners
  • Best budget airbrushing compressors
  • Regulators is no much reliable

Our Verdict:

TC-40T is an outstanding compressor that serves you a long list of features at the lowest price. So, if you don’t have a higher budget but longing for efficient use, don’t miss this efficient product!

2.) Master Airbrush CoolRunner – Multitasking Performance

Master Airbrush Cool RunnerHere we have another compressor from the Master’s brand; this is a cool runner that stays cool no matter how long you use it. It is a must-have Airbrushing device that increases the efficiency and performance of your work.

Key Features:

Master Airbrush CoolRunner is the maximum airbrushing compressor that contains a powerful 0.2 HP motor; this motor propels paint, dye, and ink with a faster force and it smoothly goes to the airbrush tip. In this way, the airbrush sprays faster and smoothly on the surface. This steady spray emission increases not only working speed but also the paint quality; you will realize that the paint that you spray with this compressor is more even and beautiful.

It is a budget portable airbrush compressor that you can take anywhere at the time of your need, so painting the different areas is more accessible due to this portability. This Master Cool Runner Compressor offers a continuous air supply and makes you constantly work for hours.

It consists of two built-in cooling fans that dissipate the heat properly and keeps the compressor cool. In this way, cool air increases the compressor’s service life.

This airbrushing compressor produces 43 dB of noise only, so this gentle noise keeps the environment noise-free and provides you the chance to work in a calm and gentle place.

The high airflow of 25 liters/min makes the airbrushes work excellently and make them suitable for most airbrushing applications. You can use it for different purposes, for auto graphics, crafts, and canvas, etc., it is suitable for different hobbies, and through this compressor, you get your job done faster.

This high-built compressor requires low maintenance; hence, you don’t need to spend ample money or time for the maintenance of this compressor. This low maintenance feature increases its durability and makes it serve you for long years.

This great compressor comes with Airbrushing Kit, where you get different kinds of brushes and some other accessories; you can keep your brushes safe and organized in this kit.

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Despite these all super-duper features, you will be surprised to know that this Master Airbrush CoolRunner II comes at a lower price that makes it the best budget airbrush compressor. This compressor can hold 2 airbrushes at a time, and these brushes make the work speed increase manifolds.

A large 3-liter tank of this compressor makes it suitable for different domestic painting works. The AutomaticPreset feature makes you worry-free as you do not need to turn your all attention towards the compressor, you can set the time, and it can turn on and off accordingly. If we turn towards an accurate setting: the preset for automatic turn on at 43 psi and preset for automatic turn-off at 57 psi.

Oil-free operation increases a few friction issues; still, this oil-free operation aids you a lot because when you have an operation with oil, the chances of oil and paint mixing increases, which is followed by poor and temporary painting.

  • Reliable and versatile
  • Performs automatic functions
  • Compressor automatically turns off
  • It comes with oil-free operations
  • Nozzle is fragile

Our Verdict:

Master Airbrush CoolRunner is designed to produce a lower noise level, available at a low price, and efficient performance. But, due to its low power production, you can not use it for commercial use. For homes and lighter tasks, it has no comparison.

It is the best budget air compressor, indeed!

3.) PointZero 1/5 HP Airbrush Compressor – A Very Powerful Compressor

PointZero 1/5 HP Airbrush CompressorPistonZero Airbrush Compressor is another budget-friendly airbrush compressor that we have selected for you due to its powerful performance despite its low price.

Key Features:

PointZero is the largest airbrush compressor that comes with an air tank; this air tank stores compressed air that helps the paint flow speedily. When the tank gets full, the compressor stops compressing the air but keeps pushing the paint towards the airbrush. The tank increases the efficiency of a compressor.

The advanced features of the compressor make you use the airbrush for multipurpose: temporary tattoos, fine art, cake decorating, nail art, etc.

It is a powerful ⅕ HP compressor, which is aimed at delivering a high air volume; the volume, of 1.0 CFM at 58 PSI increases work efficiency because it helps in more air compression, and when more air is compressed, the flow of paint also gets faster.

PointZero Compressor produces 55 dB of noise, and 55 dB noise is just like the noise made by an electric brush. Hence, this controlled noise gives you peace of mind and a comfortable working environment.

A larger 3-liter air tank assists you in the efficient performance of your air compressor and ultimately increases your painting and productivity level.

Its automatic features make it automatically turn off at 58 PSI, so your effort and worries get reduced.

What a good air compressor!

  • A great safety feature
  • Smooth operation
  • Comes with oil-free operations
  • A Sensitive pressure regulator
  • Owns an inbuilt moisture filter
  • Ventilation pad snaps easily

Our Verdict:

PointZero is the best cheap airbrush compressor; despite being cheap, it has an oil-free operation and a big air tank that makes it unique and versatile from others.

4.) Master Airbrush 1/5 HP TC-320 – Low Price but Longer Operations

Master Airbrush 1/5 HP TC-320Master Airbrush TC-320 is a multi-purpose machine with multi-purpose fluid tips, so you can use this airbrushing compressor on multiple surfaces to paint, dye, or makeup anything.

Key Features:

Thas airbrushing compressor is a tankless air compressor; due to the absence of a tank, its air compressing is not like other compressors, yet its performance is up to the mark.

It is one of those best airbrush air compressors that deliver outstanding features at a low price. How inspiring!

Master Airbrush TC-320 consists of two cooling fans that keep the compressor cool all the time and make your paint flow fluently without any interruption or break.

Through this efficient processor, your long operation becomes easier and faster.

This airbrushing compressor comes with a high-performance ⅕ HP motor; this power makes the airbrushing compressor good for plenty of airbrushing applications.

The long duty cycles keep the compressors making an airflow of 25 ltr/minute, and this airflow makes the compressed air flow evenly and ensures longer continuous running of the paint to the spray gun.

The Water Trap Filter ensures dry and clean air, and in this way, the moisture keeps trapped, and the paint remains dry.

Though it is a tankless air compressor, its Diaphragm Pressure Regulator helps in regulating the pressure; eventually, this compressor will work efficiently.

What else can someone desire than a fantastic performance at a low price?

The silver lining of this compressor is, it produces 47dB of sound, which is soothing for your ears and maintains the efficacy of the working environment.

  • Produces less noise
  • Dual cooling fan
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Produces an optimal airbrush pressure
  • Build quality is not up to the mark

Our Verdict:

Though the paint and the quality of the Master Airbrush TC-320 are not very reliable, the performance and features are amazing. This quiet compressor serves more than its price. An excellent item!

5.) Quiet Compressor for Airbrush – Noiseless and Optimal Performance

Quiet Compressor for AirbrushQuiet Compressor for Airbrush, as the name, indicates it is the quietest compressor at a lower price. Though this compressor belongs to a relatively small brand, it is a highly efficient airbrush compressor that delivers superior performance.

Key Features:

Quiet Compressor for Airbrush is ideal for hobbyists and professionals because of its optimal work performance of 1/6 HP motor that delivers a heavy power to compressor head, and in this way, paint effectively gets propelled towards the pain gun. So, you can easily spray your paint on the target.

Indeed, you will get eye-catching and desiring pain results!

You can spray even from a large distance because the nozzles go up to 0.7mm. This lightweight compressor provides consistent airflow that prevents pulsations and leads the paint directly to the gun.

This compressor supports commercial spraying and is compatible with a wide range of applications so that you can use them for cosmetics, illustrations, nail studios, and many more places.

This compressor supports pressure ranging from 0 to 100 PSI; despite this greater pressure, the compressor operates quietly and has a noise level of 47 DBS only.

The auto-start and auto-shutoff functions ease the users’ life in many ways because they don’t need to perform the functions manually.

The price of the air compressor is pretty low, yet this compressor comes with a 1-year warranty and also includes a user manual. This user manual guides you in every step and helps you in comfortable use of the compressor.

It has an independent pressure gauge for adjusting the airflow without using it. The sensitive pressure regulator. Plus, it supports air filtration and a regulation system as well. To keep the temperature cool inside, there are two inbuilt cooling fans.

Undoubtedly, this compressor is a happy deal for beginners and professional painters.

  • Endless airbrushing applications
  • Fantastic airbrush compressors
  • Much more affordable
  • Offers excellent build quality
  • Automatic restart feature
  • No con- Apparently all features are superb

Our Verdict:

If you were in search of a compressor that is quiet, doesn’t need assembling, helps you in precise air pressure adjustments, go with this Quiet Compressor for Airbrush. It neither needs maintenance nor leakes; it is an outstanding compressor, indeed.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Airbrush Compressor:

If you want to find the best budget airbrush compressor, you need to consider numerous factors and we have mentioned them below for your reference.

1.) Application Type:

When you are going to choose a tank, pick it according to the type of work you are going to do. Aside from the type of work, the available area also matters. If you want to do some heavier and extensive projects, you should always prefer an airbrush compressor with the tanks but if you want to do some smaller tasks then a small tankless compressor is great.

The compressors that contain tanks handle airbrushing project load easily.

If you choose a tankless air compressor and 0.6mm nozzle to perform extensive tasks, the combination won’t work well. Tankless airbrush compressors have lower pressure and can be used for smaller areas.

If you want to use your airbrush compressor for T-shirts, use a compressor that contains 40 psi and also includes a tank. The 40 psi is enough for providing peak performance.

2.) Tank Capacity:

If you are choosing an air compressor that consists of a tank, it eliminates cool air to boost up efficiency. Saller compressor comes without tanks; however, many models that contain tanks have the capacity of 0,4l – 1l – 4l – 6l – 9l – 12l – 15l, and if you are using an airbrush, the latency can go up to 25l.

4.) Air Flow:

Airflow is determined by the quantity of air that the compressor delivers. We represent the airflow with CFM (cubic feet per minute) or by LPM (Liter Per Minute). It is determined by the amount of air delivered by the compressor. The measurement is represented in CFM (cubic feet per minute) or liter per minute (LPM). The airflow of most of the compressors is between 20 and 50 LPM—the other way round, 0.70 to 1.76CFM.

5.) Airbrush Pressure:

For buying a great airbrush compressor, you need to also consider airbrush pressure. This airbrush compressor is denoted with PSI (pound per inch). There is not any pet of ideal air pressure, but it depends upon the application. Higher air pressure is a high-performance option.

6.) Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle depends upon the number of times a compressor runs before the motor stops. This duty cycle improves motor life and avoids damages. If the duty cycle is 50 percent, you should run it for 30 min and then rest it for 30 minutes, so it cools down. For great performance, you need to look at the airflow capacity and the duty cycle.

The formula can help you out:

1 / (duty cycle) x Total Air Volume Required = Compressor CFM required

  • 9% duty cycle = 5 minutes on plus 55 minutes cool down time/hr
  • 10% duty cycle = 6 minutes on plus 54 minutes cool down time /hr
  • 15% duty cycle = 9 minutes on plus 51 minutes cool down time/hr
  • 20% duty cycle = 12 minutes on plus 48 minutes cool down time/hr
  • 25% duty cycle = 15 minutes run time/hr
  • 50% duty cycle = 30 minutes run time/hr

7.) Auto-Stop Function:

The Auto-Stop Function feature helps you to pre-set the compressor, and this presetting allows them to get those off automatically. It’s a helpful feature as it protects the motor from wearing off.

9.) Power:

The average amount of power which is required for a motor is 150 to 200 watts- this power offers excellent performance. The airbrush compressor with the higher power is a little expensive.

10.) Noise:

The unit which is used to measure the noise is decibels; if you want a quiet airbrush compressor, then it should be 55 to 60 decibels.

So, below are the crucial factors that you should determine before buying your airbrush compressor, but many more are there. The below are also factors that stand in the second category but directly affect your airbrush compressors’ performance.

  • Value
  • Weight and size
  • Reliability
  • Warranty and Durability
  • Accessories
  • Warranty
  • Budget ( a crucial factor and this article contains the most affordable airbrush compressors)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Right Size Compressor For Airbrushing?

The power of an airbrush compressor can be measured in horsepower, which is depicted as HP. Most of the good-performing airbrush compressors produce less than 1 HP, but the majority fall in between 1/12 HP and 1/2 HP.

Can We Use A Regular Air Compressor For Airbrushing?

Yes, any regular air compressor can be used for airbrushing. Perhaps, it is better to use an air compressor that has big air tanks because these bigger air tanks are more robust, have large air pressure, and ultimately have great performance. But you will need some items to make a normal compressor work right with an airbrush.

Which One Is The Ultimate Best Air Compressor For Airbrushing?

The best airbrush compressor, by considering the price, is Iwata-Medea Studio Power Jet Pro, which is run by a 1/6 motor power. This Iwata-Medea Studio Power Jet Pro includes a half-gallon tank that ensures non-pulsating spray, Super Quiet Operation, and steady performance all through. In addition, it requires low maintenance.

Our Summary:

Airbrush is a perfect tool to paint, dyes, inks, and makeup; it can perform endless other functions. Airbrushes are dual-action, as they control the airflow and spray the material according to the user’s input. Compressors are the best options for airbrushing, but many of the users feel afraid while they choose the airbrush compressor, as they don’t know which is a suitable air compressor for the work.

To make the selection easy, we have researched and enlisted the top-notch air compressors that can fulfill all your needs not only for most base paints but all the trickiest paints, too.

So, you can review our mentioned compressors to pick the best compressor for you. We have also mentioned a buying guide that will guide you about the factors that you should consider before buying a compressor.

So, it is time to get out of the tiring painting and use the air compressors to ensure effective operation.


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